Christians Against the United States Empire

Non-violent, Scriptural Resistance to "Pax Americana."

In a graphic act of "street theatre," the Prophet Isaiah walked through the streets of the Empire naked, symbolic of the fact that "the Emperor had no clothes," and God's judgment was imminent. (Isaiah 20:2)

Frankly, I don't have the guts to follow Isaiah. The best I can do is this scandalous web site. The politicians who have their fingers on the buttons which can destroy civilization are not afraid to push those buttons because they don't think anyone is watching them. Christians with a CAUSE are united to let the politicians know that we not only are watching and do not approve of them pushing the buttons, we do not approve of the existence of buttons for them to push.

I want to start a movement of Christians who, by their collective voice, encourage other Christians who are citizens of the New Babylon, the "New World Order," to "come out from among them" (2 Corinthians 6:14-18), and renounce their citizenship in the U.S. Empire.

The second step is to persuade all politicians and government employees to resign. By "persuade" I mean we must repudiate the error of the American Revolution (1776). We must work for change in a winsome and logical manner, utterly opposed to the initiation of force or violence.

To that end we have formed a wholly different form of conspiracy to overthrow the United States Empire. It is called The Christmas Conspiracy!

To be persuasive to millions of Americans, we must convince them that we are not bomb-throwing "anarchists" who threaten all that America stands for, but rather that the United States Empire is the greatest threat to values of honesty, harmony, integrity, and charity. These are the core ideas of America's greatness. We can sum them up as "Liberty Under God."

The two websites above contain literally hundreds of links to the issues of our day and how we can mobilize opposition to the United States Empire.



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Your first question might concern the author of this web page: Who is this guy?

Or you may be asking, Oh yeah? What's wrong with America?

If you're still with me, you're probably asking, What do you propose to do about it?

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If, like me, you are too chicken to walk naked through the streets of the American Empire, but believe the Empire is morally naked, you can become a member of CAUSE by sending e-mail to me at with the URL of your web site, which will be added below. (I will create a page on my site for you if you do not have one.)

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First posted on the Net    July, 1997