Vine & Fig Tree
The 300-Year Plan

Vine & Fig Tree is the only organization that advances "anarcho-theocracy." Nobody has heard of this term, but it is what made America great. When America's Founding Fathers spoke of Micah's vision of a free and prosperous society where everyone owned property and sat safely under their "Vine & Fig Tree," they defended "Liberty Under God."
  By "liberty," the Founders meant a form of libertarianism. They denounced a tax rate of 3-5% as a tyranny. We pay ten times as much today. We have abandoned laissez-faire capitalism for a form of soviet socialism. Many today denounce defenders of American libertarianism as "anarchists." But "anarchism" is much closer to America's Founders than today's socialism.
The words "Under God" have been banned from our children's ears by federal judges. The slightest acknowledgement of God in public is denounced as the "imposition" of a "theocracy." The word "theocracy" comes from two Greek words meaning "Under God." "Theocracy" is much closer to America's Founding Fathers than a "secular nation."
"Anarcho-theocracy" means "Liberty Under God." Nobody believes in "Liberty Under God" any more. This is why Micah's "Vine & Fig Tree" vision is so controversial.
Further, Vine & Fig Tree's vision of peace is uniquely "radical." Too many Christian organizations support war, genocide, prison and death in the name of "patriotism." We challenge violence from a "fundamentalist" Biblical perspective.
Many businesses have 5 year plans.
Some individuals have 10-year plans.
"In five years we'll have a seven-figure business."
"In 10 years I will be a millionaire."

Vine & Fig Tree has a 300-year plan.

Vine & Fig Tree is an enterprise that will not see fruit for at least another generation. Nobody alive today will be on the cover of TIME Magazine as a result of their labor with Vine & Fig Tree. Readers of a Vine & Fig Tree essay will be a minority. Compared to Harry Potter readers, only a handful.

And yet I believe that Vine & Fig Tree is one of the most important enterprises in the history of Western Civilization. This is the junction in history when we will either repudiate socialism and institutionalized violence and move toward Micah's Vine & Fig Tree society, or the structures of institutionalized violence will prevail and envelop us in an age of darkness. Vine & Fig Tree will document institutionalized violence, question institutionalized violence, and help abolish it. Yet history may never reflect this importance.

History books are written by the winners. They are written by the powerful. They don't pay attention to underground movements and unaccredited thinking until it becomes mainstream. They don't document the three stages of cultural transformation:

  1. "That's a ridiculous idea."
  2. "It might be true, but so what?"
  3. "We've always known . . . ."

The mainstream today does not know that America was once a Christian Theocracy and that the ACLU has converted America to a Secular Humanist theocracy where man is god. Not only will the mainstream never know what's happening, and what forces caused it to happen, it won't even know that it's happened.

Imagine that during a moment of unprecedented crisis in the Middle East, President Schwarzenegger decides to drop a tactical nuclear bomb on a military installation in Syria. This decision will escalate into a nuclear free-for-all involving Pakistan and India, North Korea, and China, with literally hundreds of millions of people killed and Western Civilization irreparably altered. We would know all this if we could see the future, but that future never takes place. The weapon is never deployed.

Two years earlier, a high school student read a Vine & Fig Tree web page. This student asked her father a simple question; an uncomfortable question. "If the Bible says A, why do you do B?" Her father was kept up all night pondering the question, but couldn't resolve the issue in his mind.

Now, in this moment of crisis, the question is revived and answered, and this person -- working with the highest security credentials deep in the granite of a Colorado mountain -- quietly and secretly becomes a "hacker" and decides to prevent the launch of this nuke. Nobody knows what he did. The President is angry that his order was not successfully carried out, but during the night other dramatic events intervene and the crisis in the Middle East is resolved without the nuke, distracting everyone's attention from the hacker, as the President spins the events and takes credit for resolving the crisis. The press never learns of the President's order to deploy the nuke, nor the fact that it wasn't carried out, nor the fact that nobody in his administration has an explanation for why his order was not successfully carried out. Nobody will ever know who this one person was, nor what steps were taken to halt the deployment of the weapon, nor how many millions of lives were saved as a result.

The history books will contain no mention of the most momentous event in human history.

Nobody will know what question the high schooler asked.

Nobody will know which Vine & Fig Tree webpage she read.

This is Vine & Fig Tree's role.

Nobody will notice.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

Vine & Fig Tree web pages advocate the radical, "impractical," revolutionary ideas of Micah, Isaiah, Abraham, and Jesus. God promises that these ideas will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. There will be widespread practical knowledge of how to live in harmony with others, reconcile disputes, and beat swords into plowshares. Businesses, schools, neighbors, and families will repudiate the ways of violence, and the ways of service will become second-nature.

In this context of hope and peace we have set forth the genocidal agenda of the Religion of Secular Humanism. As Christianity spreads across the globe, this agenda of violence and death will disappear. The statistics are there: more than 10,000 people were murdered each and every single day during the 20th century, and the governments who committed these murders have plans to murder 15,000 per HOUR in the 21st century. Nobody discusses these murders, so if Vine & Fig Tree prevents them, nobody will notice.

But we who walk by faith know that this work must be done.

We encourage everyone we come in contact with to visualize the fulfillment of Micah's Vine & Fig Tree prophecy.

In order to stop the murder of one person, we must change the path of the murderer. The "murderer" in this case is a flag-waving Joe Sixpack, who feeds his family by working for the government, making weapons which will be used to kill several thousand people. There are millions of Joe Sixpacks. There may be billions of victims. Each time Vine & Fig Tree reaches one, we save thousands of lives, and put Joe Sixpack on a different path. He may not make very much progress along that path, but he won't be killing anyone anymore. His children will live in a very different home, and his grandchildren may very well live in a very different world.

A college student reads a Vine & Fig Tree web page and asks a thought-provoking question in class. The professor writes a paper. A researcher at a think tank drafts a proposal. A newspaper reports it. Voters vote. Politicians resign. Lives are saved.

But nobody will credit Vine & Fig Tree with very much at all.

Vine & Fig Tree is too radical and unaccredited to be mentioned.

But seeds will have been planted, and the harvest will be known -- throughout the cosmos:

so that through the People of God the wisdom of God in its rich variety might now be made known to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 3:10 

Here, then, is the 300-year Vine & Fig Tree Plan.

It has taken 200 years to undo what America's Founding Fathers risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to achieve. Every single person who signed the Constitution would consider the current federal government to be a monstrous tyranny. They took up arms as Christians against an openly Christian government that sought to levy taxes at between three and five percent, and they set up a new Republic characterized by Liberty Under God. Today's government -- now openly hostile to Biblical Faith -- takes ten times as much. Of the money left to us by the government after direct taxes, nearly half is taken through indirect taxes. Forty cents on each gallon of gas.  $12,000 in taxes passed on to the buyer of a $24,000 automobile. Children are not even allowed to say the words "Under God" in a government-controlled school.

After undoing 200 years of socialist advance, we must entirely destroy the myth of the State; the idea that stealing from some people to kill other people is a morally legitimate lifestyle. This is certainly a hundred-years task.

But this is the Information Age. This is an age of unparalleled communication. This is an age when millions of people can be reached in minutes. There is no reason not to hope that our 300 year plan could be accomplished in 50-60 years.

We have a theoretical blueprint for Anarcho-Theocracy.

We must now develop a strategy to use the technology of the Information Age to spread Micah's Vine & Fig Tree vision.

Call for a webmaster.

July, 2005