An Ordered Society and the Depravity of Man
Why the doctrine of depravity does not negate the dominion mandate.

Human beings are commanded by God to create social order, culture. We call this the dominion mandate. As a result of the Fall, we now speak of man's "total depravity."

The doctrine of depravity means 

If Depravity meant the State, the State would have been ordained immediately after the Fall. The origin of the State is much later, and in fact is a result or evidence of depravity, not God's cure for it.

The counterpart to the doctrine of Depravity is the doctrine of Redemption. If the Fall of Man meant his inability to be trusted to exercise Godly dominion and create a humane culture, then Redemption means an overpowering or counteracting of this fallen impulse. The political question is "What is the means of man's redemption from the Fall?" Is it the State? Is the State God's only or primary means of overcoming or reversing the depravity of man? 

The question of the extent of Redemption is largely a question of eschatology: To what degree will the depravity of man be reversed in history?

The Old Testament Prophets foretold (and Christ's Apostles confirmed) that the Messiah's Kingdom would be established when the following had taken place:

  1. Satan is bound and his power to deceive the nations curtailed (Revelation 20:1-3).
  2. The Eternal King is enthroned upon the Throne of David (Psalms 2 and 110).
  3. Believers are anointed as priests and kings to reign and rule with the Messiah (Isaiah 61:6; 66:21; Revelation 5:10).

Christ accomplished all these things at His First Advent. Man is restored to his dominion mandate.

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