valid  case fw ~hrtkima  anarchism, any  more than a valid case for ‘lXistian”  soczkksrn.  But a careful reading of the Bible reveals that the civil government is basically an institution for establishing God’s justice by means of courts of law. The principles of biblical law are to be imposed on the market: restitution, prevention of coercion, prevention of fraud (false weights and measures: Leviticus  19:36), national defense, law enforcement, enforcement of contracts (including marriage  contracts).  The  Bible  rejects  the  socialists’ utopia of a caretaker State. The Bible’s description comes far closer to the traditional free market ideal of a night-watchman   State. The State is to prevent moral evil. The Old Tes- tament is only too clear on this point. Sexual devi- ation is prohibited: homosexual acts (Leviticus 20:13), prostitution (Leviticus  19:29), bestiality (Ex- odus 22:19), adultery (Leviticus  20:10), and incest (Leviticus 20:11). Z% State is not creating good man by enforcing such laws; it is merely  pwwnting euil acts between consenting, but deviant, adults. These laws protect the family, and the holiness of God demands that the State enforce such laws. The anarchist would not allow the State to punish a homosexual adult who solicited sexual favors from 8-year-old boys in exchange for heroin. Those who proclaim a zero-State society, whether in the name of Christ or the name of reason, are forced by the logic of their position to come to just this conclusion. The Chris- tian doesn’t have to accept this conclusion. Pure anarchism (anarcho-capitalism)  is unbiblical. Why should the State prohibit sexual acts by