Bibliography 473 (1942);  all published in London by William Hedge & Co. (British books are most easily ordered through  Blackwell’s, Broad Street, Oxford,   England.) The books written by Murray Rothbard, the anarcho-capitalist, are all very clear, well documented, and powerfully argued. They in- clude Man, Economy and State (1962), published by several firms, but most recently by New York University Press;  America’s Great Depres- sion (1963), available from the Institute for Humane Studies, 1177 University, Menlo Park, CA 94025: and What Ha Government Done to Our Momy?  (1964),  available  from  the  Foundation  for  Economic Education, Irvington, NY 10533. His book denying the legitimacy of all civil government is very good on the economic effects of various kinds of government regulation and taxation:  Power and Market:  Gov- ernment and the Economy (1970), published by Institute for Humane Economy. F. A. Hayek’s books are basic to any understanding of the free market. The most important are:  The Road to Serfdom (1944), The Con- stitution of Liber~ (1960); Individualism and Economic Ord~ (1948); Studies in Philosoph~  Politics and Economics (1967); and the trilogy, Law, Legislation and Liber~ (1973-80), all published by the University of Chicago Press.  Also important is his study of the rise of socialist thought, The Counter-Revolution of Science (1952),  which has been reprinted by Liberty Press. By far the best book on the economics of information is  ex- Marxist economist, Thomas Sowell: Knowledge and Decisions (Basic Books, 1980), which provides more unique insights, page for page, than any economics book I have ever read. His Race and Economics (David  McKay  Co.,  1975) is also very good, as are Markets  and Minorities (1981)  and Ethnic America (1981),  both published by Basic Books. Two books by Bettina Greaves are suitable for an introduction to free market thought: Free Market Economics: A Syllabus and Free Market Economics: A Basic  Reade~  published by the Foundation for Economic Education. FEE also publishes the monthly magazine, The Freeman (subscription by request, free). Address: Irvington, NY 10533. Very important are the works of R. J. Rushdoony, which are related to questions of economics:  The Institutes of Biblical Law, Vol. I (Craig Press, 1973), and Vol. II (Ross House Books,  P.O. Box 67, Vallecito,  CA 95251); Politics of Guilt and Pity (1970) and The One and the Many (1971), both published by Thoburn Press,  P.O. Box 6941,