The Thesis in Broader Perspective

Our analysis of Calvin's exegesis of Romans 13 will appear irrational, even "clinical" (paranoid, "conspiracy theory") without a brief explication of the concept of Biblical Anarchism. Anarchism is perceived to be thoroughly unBiblical and contrary to Christian ethics. Others will find the very idea of using the Bible as a basis for a theoretical model in a "secular" area like political science to be completely inapropos. Therefore we should consider the following:

  1. The Bible as a Textbook of Political Science

  2. The Political Nature of Calvinism

  3. 1776: The Libertarian Effect in American History of Calvin's Views on Romans 13

  4. Defining "the Government"

  5. Refuting "the State" by Defining "the State"

  6. Re-defining "Anarchism"

  7. A Prima Facie Case for Biblical Anarchism