The Ten Commandments
Moral Inventory and
Meditation Program


  1. Rules for Understanding the Ten Commandments
  2. Proper Reverence for the Law of God.
  3. Finding God's Law in passages that don't begin with "Thou shalt not"

Taking Inventory

  1. Using the Ten Commandments as a "Fearless and Searching Moral Inventory"
  2. Taking Inventory of those injured by our actions.

Making Amends

  1. Bill Gothard on Gaining a Clear Conscience


  1. Edith Schaeffer on Meditation
  2. Understanding "Vows"
    1. Westminster Confession of Faith, ch 22
    2. Personalizing Scripture
    3. Vow in the Present Tense
    4. In Praise of Hypocrisy and Acting
  3. Character Traits