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Total Predestination

Isaiah's Doctrine of Predestination

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My Computer-Like Mind

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Edenization of the Earth: Reversing the Stalinization of Life

God Predestined Me to Possess a Computer-Like Mind

Sound pompous? I'll go beyond that: my mind is far greater than any computer man has ever devised. So is yours.

Decision-making is the most significant work you ever do. That is because it is impossible for God's human image-bearers to even exist without a steady stream of decisions. We were created to have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26-28).

The decision to eat or drink and the choice of what you will eat or drink is a simplified example of the decision-making process to which we give little or no importance but which is essential to our continued existence.

Other than breathing, the beating of the heart, etc., the bodily functions are generally carried on after making a decision or a series of decisions. Think of the number of decisions, each tiny and insignificant, but each essential in the process of merely scratching your nose:

First, there's the awareness of the itch. Then, the decision: to rub with the back of your hand? Or rub with your sleeve? Scratch with your fingers? Which fingers of which hand? How hard, how long? Is the selected hand free to scratch or must some burden in the hand be set down or shifted to the other hand before scratching? These are merely the high lights of the number of decisions that can enter into a simple act.

And that's only part of it. In addition to making the basic decision to scratch, we must make innumerable calculations in order to effectively carry out the decisions; i.e., how far to lift the hand, the planned trajectory which will bring the fingers, flexing and unflexing properly into just the exact position on the nose we cannot see. From a calculation standpoint we are something like plotting a rendezvous in space between two space craft.

The hardware which the space agency has developed for such a command and guidance is complex almost beyond belief. And yet, a single day's activity of an average, active human body requires that decisions and computations be made which are so numerous and must be made with so much complex input of information and in such short periods of time that no computer in existence could handle it.

And of course, everything a human being does
is done "with feeling!"

Plotting and executing a space voyage is not one bit as complex as your decision and computing problems in driving downtown through busy traffic as you go to work each day. You make more decisions based on more information inputs and must make more instantaneous calculations of speed, proximity, even potential personality of other drivers ("— that s.o.b. won't let me in here" [not exactly what I meant by "with feeling!"]) in a half-hour drive than any flight to the moon.


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[1] All of the material on this page was stolen from a "New Age" "get rich quick" book. The title is so dorky that I'm glad it's out of print, otherwise I might be obligated to reveal it here, to my great embarrassment over someone finding out I ever read the book. (I heard about it on TV when I was a kid and found a copy at a used book sale for 25.)

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