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Wait a minute.

You believe in absolute values. You're just curious what I was going to say to someone who didn't. That's OK; keep reading.

But if you say you really don't believe in absolute moral values . . .

. . . I don't believe you.

Your position is self-contradictory. You didn't click the link to the page for those who don't care if there are moral absolutes. You're absolutely sure there are no absolutes?

¿You are really, honestly, conscientiously bound to say that what Hitler did -- the systematic murder of millions -- was not absolutely wrong?

Well, you're not alone. Most high-school and college students today cannot say for sure that Hitler was wrong. They believe that he may have sincerely believed that he needed to murder millions, and if he sincerely believed this, you and I can't say he was wrong.

You are aware, I trust, that in the 20th century non-democratic governments have murdered nearly half a billion people, making this the most violent century in recorded history. But you can't say for sure that such killing is wrong???

What about the bank robber who grabs a total stranger -- an innocent bystander -- to use as a human shield against police gunfire, who --after he has been granted safe passage by the police -- shoots his innocent victim in the head -- just out of spite. We can't say -- absolutely -- that his act was wrong???

Even if he started doing it to you or to your family??

Isn't there something in you that at least wants these acts of senseless murder to be wrong?

Then you are not human.

I don't know what else to say.

Write to me at Kevin4VFT@aol.com. I just don't believe you.




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